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We care about water quality

Hydro-Monitoring offers managers of wastewater treatment plants and environmental authorities a maintenance free wastewater flow and pollution monitoring system, and data analysis services. Using our solution you save on manpower, can seamlessly implement the polluters pay tax, are fully confident in the data quality, and have increased flexibility regarding installation sites.

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Hydro-Pix is an optical system capable of measuring water level and flow rate without contacting the water.

Hydro-Pix was developed as a part of a CTI project in 2009. Since then a prototype of the system has been operated in 3 wastewater treatment plants and 2 combined sewage overflows. Hydro-Pix has raised the interest of wastewater treatment plant operators. Hydro-Pix paid for itself when data from its measurements was used to improve wastewater infrastructure and saving the operators 30 kCHF.

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Hydro-Service is a comprehensive data analysis and report generation service offered by Hydro-Monitoring.

Hydro-Service is based on more than 15 years of experience in the field of wastewater monitoring.

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Hydro-Spec is a system capable of measuring several water quality parameters without contacting the water physically.

Parameters include for example: turbidity, chemical oxygen demand, and temperature. The Hydro-Spec concept was proven at the Ecological Engineering Laboratory at the EPFL in the spring of 2012. A Hydro-Spec prototype is under development in collaboration with a wastewater treatment plant.